Smartcat Pioneer pet 飲水器在Global Pet Expo(全美寵物用品博覽會) 展出,獲得最佳設計大獎的榮譽,

並也受到美國當代設計網站的矚目,獲得廣大好評迴響,短短一年內就在amazon,petco等全美寵物用品熱銷,優秀的品牌和商品,Katie 在此推薦給大家


1Beautiful, quiet, and easy to clean fountain, 漂亮 ,安靜,易於清洗的飲水器  

 By Newbie to pet fountains "first time fountain ... (Los Angeles, CA)

The main advantages that this fountain has over others are:
1. It's CERAMIC. No scratches in the plastic leading to bacteria. No allergies to the plastic, which some cats get.
2. QUIET PUMP. The pump is absolutely silent. There are three settings on the pump and the first one gives no sounds whatsoever. I have it set on the second setting to get the sound of trickling water. The pump is still quet.
3. EASY TO CLEAN. This was the main reason I got this one. The Drinkwell and petmate fountains requires disassembly and cleaning with special brushes. This fountain is only THREE PARTS. The top part where the water flows down, the main bowl, and the pump. Since it's ceramic, I basically set it at the hottest water setting to scrub it down and sanitize. No special brushes, no bleeding knuckles.
4. NO LEAKS. Just because of the way this fountain is designed (top ceramic dish sits on top of the main bowl), there is no way it can possibly leak. Unless you crack the ceramic dishes, of course!
5. It's pretty.

The only thing I wonder about the other fountains is whether or not my cat would like the waterfall-type fountains. My cat seems to like to drink out of the part where the water comes out of the pump more than out of the bowl. Nevertheless, he gets fresh water and seems to enjoy it.


2.Works for me!, 貓粉刺好
Elsa (AZ) -
I was looking for a ceramic fountain to help my cat get rid of her chin acne. It worked. The fountain is easy to put together. You can hear when it needs to be refilled and it is easy to take apart and clean. It's relatively quiet. The only part that I wish it had was a design aspect where the water actual 'drips' or 'falls' like the design of the plastic fountains; my cats really liked that, but they use this one just as much too.
3.Very Classy Pet Fountain, 非常高級的寵物用品, 優雅 ,易於清洗,
By S. Nash "sugar magnolia" (Merrimack, NH - USA)
We've had drinkwell fountains ever since they first debuted. Cats love running water. They work great but they collect scaly minerals and look a little tacky. This fountain is elegant looking, much quieter and since it is ceramic instead of plastic - nothing sticks. Very easy clean-up. My best analogy; the plastic drinkwell fountain is the ford focus you buy for your teenager - this fountain is the BMW you'd buy for yourself!!


4.In my view, the best choice for a cat water fountain, 最棒的選擇, 安靜 ,大量流水,好清洗, 挑剔貓喜歡   March 21, 2011

by Russell A. Doring (New Jersey, USA)

  *Comparatively quiet
*Plenty of water flow
*Easy to clean (including the pump and filter assembly)
*Shape gives picky cats plenty of ways to drink


5.Great Pet Fountain -  合理的尺寸,我的貓喜歡小溪流水處,也喜歡流水匯集處.非常安靜.超棒的寵物噴泉 

By Christopher Czernel (Holland, Mi) 

I searched around for a stainless steel pet fountain for our two cats and puppy. The cats had been drinking a lot from our bathroom faucet, so they really like flowing water. The Pioneer Pet Rain Drop Pet Fountain is sized reasonably, the water flows down the ramp and into the "still water" area, and is very quiet. Our cats drink from both the sill area as well as the top of the water flow. Our puppy loves to drink the water as it falls down the ramp. 





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